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Graduate Certificate

Students can earn a Graduate Certificate in Reliability and Maintainability Engineering (RME) by completing four graduate engineering courses (3 credits each).

The four courses consist of two core courses:

  • Introduction to Reliability Engineering (CBE/IE/ME/MSE/NE 483)
  • Introduction to Maintenance Engineering (CBE/IE/ME/MSE/NE 484)

And two elective courses selected from the following list:

  • Random Process Theory for Engineers (ECE 504)
  • Statistical Methods in Industrial Engineering (IE 516)*
  • Reliability of Lean Systems (IE 517)*
  • Optimization Methods in Industrial Engineering (IE 522)
  • Mechanical Vibrations (ME/BME/ES 534)*
  • Mechanical Behavior of Materials (MSE 421)
  • Corrosion in Nuclear Power Systems (NE 441)
  • Equipment and System Prognostics (NE 575)*
  • Empirical Models for Monitoring and Diagnostic (NE 579)*
  • Process System Reliability and Safety (CBE/NE 585)*
  • Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (STAT 560)*
  • Survival Analysis (STAT 367)*

To receive the certificate, students need to fill the “Completion of Certificate Program” form at

*Currently offered through distance education.