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Reliability and Maintainability Engineering Program

The Reliability and Maintainability Engineering (RME) program is a multidisciplinary program focuses on the use of management systems, analysis techniques and advanced condition-based and preventive technologies to identify, manage and eliminate failures leading to losses in system function. Once perceived as a practitioner or manufacturing issue, reliability, and maintainability engineering is now considered a business issue of urgent priority.

Master of Science Degree in RME

The Master of Science degree consists of thirty hours of graduate work in RME and may have a concentration in one of the traditional engineering academic departments. Thesis and non-thesis research options are available for students, and the program can be completed on campus or through real-time and interactive distance delivery.

Graduate Certificate in RME

The Graduate Certificate program is an interdepartmental initiative designed for students who wish to pursue careers in Reliability and Maintainability Engineering. It is also suitable for professionals and managers currently working in the field looking to improve their knowledge and skills.

The program consists of four graduate engineering courses, two required courses and two elective courses. The two required courses introduce the student to the fundamentals of maintenance engineering and reliability engineering. The two elective courses are selected from a list of RME-related courses that currently includes courses in five traditional engineering disciplines.

Local and Distance Delivery

The RME Master of Science and Graduate Certificate programs are offered both on campus and through distance education.

Distance education delivery provides motivated individuals with an opportunity to further their engineering education without having to attend traditional classes at the UT-Knoxville campus. Courses are delivered primarily through our dual delivery format in which local students and distance students attend the class together. This format allows distance students join in through the world-wide-web on a predetermined day and time for a real-time, interactive classroom learning experience. Students may (with the instructor’s consent) access the class recording anytime. This delivery method provides the best of both worlds—real time interaction with flexibility. For more information, visit the Tickle College of Engineering’s distance education page.